Tuesday, May 5, 2009

To be successful

You do not have to be rich or famous to be a winner - to be successful. If you make wealth a goal and you achieve it, that's a success. If you make fame a goal and achieve it, that's a success. However, you may choose to make a happy family life your goal. You may decide to make a worthwhile service to the community a goal. You may prefer to make the pursuit of excellence in a profession, trade or hobby your goal.

You dont have to be a celebrity or a well-known public figure to be successful. Plenty of quiet achievers in the world are enjoying their lives, pursuing their goals and making magnificent contributions to their community with a minimum of fuss and often no real recognition. They may be trademen, women at home, retired people, professionals or young people. They can be every bit as much winners as the people on the front pages receiving the awards.

...to acheive what you set your sight on - that is winning! That is success.

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